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Divisions and Committees

Division Directors

Kim Wadsworth, DO
Director, Division of Public Affairs

Tara Nair, DO
Director, Division of Membership

Monica Haines, DO
Director, Division of Professional Affairs


Divisions and Committees

Committees carry out the policies of the Board of Governors and furnish operational support for the officers.  A committee has no management authority except that specifically delegated in the bylaws or by the board.  Committees  report to the Board through the Division Directors.  All committee actions must be approved by the board before implementation.

Division of Membership

Membership Recruitment and Retention Committee – this committee oversees the recruitment and retention programs.  It also evaluates, proposes and promotes services for the membership.  It is charged with developing a plan that enables WOMA to attract new members and retain existing members through effective communication and member focused services. Committee members will welcome new WOMA members with a personal phone call and help them find ways to connect with WOMA.


Communications Committee -  adds value to a member's relationship with WOMA by providing information and opportunities to expand professional knowledge and contacts through the newsletter, website and social media.  It develops a comprehensive strategy using media to communicate association news timely and effectively.  It assesses communication needs and mechanisms to identify adequacy/deficiencies/improvement opportunities and re-evaluates communication the  program at least annually for current suitability and effectiveness.


Division of Professional Affairs

Professional Education Committee – the committee is chaired by the Vice President and oversees all continuing medical education programs.  It includes the program chair of each CME program.  It is responsible for assembling topics, speakers, and sponsors for the annual convention.  Each seminar will have at least one program  chair responsible for topics, speakers and sponsors for the seminar.


Budget/Finance/Audit Committee – this committee shall prepare an annual budget based on estimated receipts and expenditures for the succeeding year and present it to the Board of Governors for approval and adoption.  The Executive Committee, one past-president and a member-at-large appointed by the president shall review the accounts of the treasurer.  A certified review or audit may be ordered at the discretion for the Board of Governors.  The Secretary-Treasurer shall serve as Chair of this committee.


Governing Documents Committee – this committee is responsible for keeping the association in compliance with its constitution and keeping bylaws up-to-date, providing amendments for consideration by the membership when needed.


Division of Public Affairs

Legislative Interest Group - The Legislative Committee oversees WOMA’s legislative program, including DO Day in Olympia and other advocacy programs. It reviews and makes recommendations about proposed legislation that may have an impact on the practice of osteopathic medicine and the patients served by it.