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The Washington Osteopathic Foundation (WOF) was organized to support osteopathic education and training in Washington State. The WOF board started a loan program in 1971 that not only assists the students; it also provides an incentive in the form of low-interest rates to those who practice in Washington upon completion of their training. In addition to student loans, WOF has reprioritized its focus on scholarships and CME support.

For almost 50 years, the program was able to sustain itself with the repayment of loans and the auction at WOMA’s annual convention. Because of COVID-19, our annual convention had to go virtual, and the Foundation also had difficulty with loan recipients not repaying their loans promptly due to the effect on their financial situation. This year we are back at one of our regular resort venues for our annual convention and it will be the first time since 2019 that we will have an auction! If you are a WOMA member or have been helped by the Foundation in any way, we ask you to consider a tax-deductible donation to WOF to help continue its support of osteopathic education in Washington State. Whether it's donating an item to the auction or just supporting monetarily, we sincerely appreciate your contribution!