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About Us


Mission: To ensure the scientific, safe, and humane practice of Osteopathic Medicine as a unique health care profession; the continuing education of its physician members; and the preservation in perpetuity of their scope of practice and licensure for the enduring benefit of society.

We are structured to help the individual D.O. better serve the interests of osteopathic medicine, provide quality health care for patients; and to assist the public to better understand osteopathic medicine and its contribution to total health care.

WOMA is a chartered divisional society of the American Osteopathic Association (AOA).

WOMA has more than 1100 members – active, retired, associates, interns, residents, and students. WOMA is an AOA Continuing Medical Education sponsor that offers more than 30 hours of category 1-A CME credits per year at the Fall Seminar and the Annual Convention.


WOMA Purpose

Washington Osteopathic Medical Association, has represented Washington State D.O.’s  since 1901.  It represents and speaks for the osteopathic profession in Washington and is your voice in the legislature.

The purpose of this Association is to promote the Osteopathic Medical Profession to its members and to the public, and to support access to high quality, cost-effective healthcare for all Washington.”

Our public relations program presents the story of osteopathic medicine to the people of Washington. By communicating with government officials and consumers, we create a better understanding of our profession and improve the professional climate in which we all must practice.

Working together through committees, we form a network of voluntary efforts in all phases of health care.  Joining together through committees, we represent an expanse of knowledge and ideas as broad as those of our combined membership and as diversified as the many specialties we represent.


Services and Benefits

WOMA membership doesn’t cost - - it pays!

  • The WOMA is a vital, working state association with administrative and elected officers, committee chairpersons, and committee members actively working on a broad scope of professional and public affairs. The Association is a positive force that serves to promote and protect the profession.
  • The WOMA staff is dedicated to serving the needs of our membership. The Executive Office handles administrative, financial and membership details and makes every effort to assist members with requests for information and services. The WOMA effectively represents the osteopathic profession before the legislature and other governmental agencies. Information on these matters is available through the Executive Office.
  • Professional development is provided with continuing medical education at the WOMA Annual Convention and Fall Seminar, with topics covering a broad spectrum of medical knowledge presented by the most qualified faculty WOMA provides 30+ hours of 1-A CME credit each year.
  • The WOMA, in consultation with the AOA, works in assisting members on matters of reimbursement by health insurance carriers and federal intermediaries, maintaining a constant liaison to ensure equity for, and full recognition of, osteopathic medicine.
  • The WOMA website,, offers a “Find a D.O. directory for the public and useful information and resource links for premed and medical students, residents, physicians and patients.
  • The WOMA Career Center partnership offers a new approach to finding local positions such as: Physicians, Healthcare Professionals and Medical Office Staff.
  • WOMA endorses Business Partners such as Medical Protective for malpractice insurance at a 5% discounted rate to members.
  • WOMA’s News You Can Use is emailed bi-monthly to provide members with information on matters of general interest and trends in the profession, reports on legislative matters, announcements of meetings, and reports on new rules and regulations governing the practice of osteopathic medicine in Washington.


Inclusion & Diversity

The Washington Osteopathic Medical Association (WOMA) represents Osteopathic physicians and surgeons in Washington State, who increasingly care for more diverse communities. As the professional advocacy association committed to ensuring the scientific, safe, and humane practice of osteopathic medicine in Washington, WOMA commits to promoting the inclusion and diversity of our members and the communities they serve.

WOMA celebrates the differences in all members regardless of race, color, religion, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, family of choice, nation of origin, political viewpoint, disability or physical characteristic, veteran status, or age.

WOMA seeks to recruit diverse members of the osteopathic community to our committees and Board of Governors, and seeks to continue to recruit new members, committed to the osteopathic profession, to our association from all walks of life.